Your family is your first team, but is it your strongest?


Your family is your first team, but is it your strongest? Families are busy! We all need help being intentional, but we get lost in the tyranny of the urgent and the everyday opportunities to teach and train slip away. Accountability for success is not monitored or measured at home like it is in the marketplace. As a result it is easy to unplug and wait until the next opportunity presents itself. The Family Institute is designed to help you seize the moments you have to make a lifelong impact by taking practical steps to build an intentionally successful team at home.

An Intentionally successful family…

  • Knows themselves and their team
  • Understands their vision, core values and goals
  • Utilizes tools for planning, communicating, and resolving conflict
  • Values lifelong training and equipping
  • Builds relationships through shared experiences
  • Celebrates success 

“Growing up in a wonderfully dysfunctional family shaped my desire to build processes and efficiencies in the home and utilize the family team as a training ground to equip for life success. Many of the skills I learned later in life could have been introduced much earlier. I have witnessed many breakthroughs that have come from the application of simple business tools that are applied in the home environment.”

– Cristin Parker, The Family Institute, Founder/Consultant

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