Framework for Families

Being intentional requires time and effort.  Knowing HOW to be intentional is important to achieving the desirable outcome.  This framework is designed to facilitate a process of alignment with your priorities by identifying the activities and defining the culture in advance.  The process, in three phases, addresses the activities throughout the lifecycle of the family.



Phase 1 – Laying the Foundation

Knowing yourself and knowing your team members is the first step toward working together successfully. By valuing the natural design of each member you can interact respectfully and effectively as a team.

  • Complete a Team Assessment
  • Know Yourself and Your Team exercise through Personality ID
  • Build trust
  • Understand Conflict 



Phase 2 – Clarifying the Plan

Having a strong foundation is critical to build on. Putting a plan in place for family business and relational interaction saves time, increases efficiency and reduces stress. Developing this detailed plan is mission critical.

Blueprint for Organizational Health                                                                                     what families need but don’t have in place 

  • Define Your Family Culture
  • Identify the “Wildy Important Goal”
  • Communication Template
  • Celebrations/Traditions

Blueprint for Organizational Intelligence  –                                                                       what families are already doing because it is necessary

  • Finance: Giving/Saving/Spending
  • Planning And Scheduling
  • Household Maintenance
  • Education/Work
  • Entertainment/Travel



Phase 3 – Building a Toolbox

Lifelong learning is important for everyone. The Family Institute offers important equipping to intentionally layer in the lessons that are a specific to your family’s needs and stages of life.

Basic Tools:   Equipping and training for growth based on life-stage development

Advanced Learning:   Tools that focus on an issue area to provide healing and wholeness

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